About Us

Wicked Wahine (TNT Productions) is an organization devoted to bringing female alternative athletes to the forefront of public awareness. It is our goal to create organized events that draw media coverage of all varieties so as to highlight the outstanding abilities and potential of women in the male dominant world of alternative sports.

Founded in early 2004, Wicked Wahine came about due to a lack of competitions or events held exclusively for women. More specifically, Wicked Wahine was bred from competitions put on by and held for male competitors, where women were allowed to pay to enter yet no cash or prizes were awarded to them. So, it was created, that Wicked Wahine would put on female-only skateboard events that would allow women the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

We are proud to offer these events to the competitors, the industry and the growing number of loyal followers and enthusiasts. If our concept / goal appeals to your company’s way of thinking, please read on. We look forward to your support in 2007.