Pro/Am Bowl

1st - Apryl Woodcock $1,000.00

2nd - Annie Sullivan $800.00
3rd - Holly Lyons $600.00

4th - Nicole Zuck $400.00

5th - Mandy Esch $200.00

Best Trick $250 - Apryl Woodcock (Miller Flip)


Pro/Am Street

1st - Vanessa Torres $1,000.00

2nd - Amy Caron $800.00
3rd - Elissa Steamer $600.00

4th - Lacey Baker $400.00

5th - Ariel Lockshaw $200.00

Best Trick $250 - Elissa Steamer (Switch crooked grind across the center ledge)


Intermediate Bowl
1st - Julie Kindstrand
2nd - Lexi Barclay
3rd - Felicity Corral
4th - Chelsea Olsen
5th - Gwen Marcus


Intermediate Street
1st - Amelia Rose McCoy
2nd - Chelsea Olsen
3rd - Lexi Barclay
4th - Linsay Wilendorf
5th - Amber Harmon


Beginner Bowl
1st - Alize Montes (6yr)
2nd - Carly Nelson
3rd - Candice Cooper
4th - Cassidy Marmion
5th - Anna Gault


Hardest Slam - Kenna Gallagher
Most Stylish Skater - Michelle Buck



Wicked Wahine Main Event

September 17th, 2005

Etnies SkateparkóLake Forest, CA


As with all of the Wicked Wahine events, it is the sponsors who support the female skateboarding community that make it all happen. Wicked Wahine would like to thank Tylenol, etnies girl, Element, Concrete Divas and Verizon Wireless as the primary sponsors. Additional sponsors that made the event happen include: Sacrifice Skateboards, Surfers Creed, Black Label Skateboards, Stifle Clothing, Destructo Trucks, Concrete Disciples, Urdumb Induhstries, Cool Girls Skateboards, Volcom, Chorus, Kronik, HB Wahine, Madrid Skateboards, Red Bull, Rebel Skates, Sector 9 Skateboards, Equilibrium, S-One, Cherry Skateboards, Gauge Clothing, Curly Grrlz, SG Magazine and Lillid Skateboards.

Checkout for photos.